Make A Statement Worth Sharing

Give the Gift of Unity

Make a Statement Worth Sharing

At Unity Move, we have the perfect gift for this holiday season. A gift that is more than just jewelry, but a message. On Christmas come together with your family and loved ones to celebrate what this season is all about. Help promote the message of unity with our beautifully handcrafted pendant. The image is superimposed on a global map, representing the worldliness and globality of our message. In the center are two hands pointed together, fingertips touching, symbolizing harmony. The hands sit inside of a rose, completing the image inside of an embrace that represents both love and friendship alike.

This pendant is gender and size neutral, it does not discriminate on any grounds, and looks beautiful on all people alike. With a choice of either silver or gold finishing, the necklace will complement every shade of melanin under the sun.

A gold finishing complements warmer personality tones.

The pendant hangs on two choices of chains: a brown micro fiber or a black leather cord. Customize the pendant to your liking and leave with a product that you can feel proud to wear around your neck (or have your loved one wear around their neck). Pendants are available 

Leave your loved ones feeling seen while allowing them to advocate for the greater vision of Unity Move: unity, togetherness, individuality. Give the gift of unity and make this holiday season one they will cherish forever.