Leaving 2020 With Hope & Unity

Looking Forward With Unity Move

How will we ring in the new year?

It is no secret that this past year has presented obstacles to everyone in its own individual way. We have braved great challenges and have had to come together to protect one another in a way that nobody expected. We have spent the better part of the year battling COVID-19 and hoping that soon we will come out on the other side. 

After such a draining, difficult year, let’s leave 2020 on the right foot. We will usher in 2021 with newfound hope, renewed unity, and a perseverance that can only be elicited through hardship. Unity Move is intimately familiar with this and we want to stand at the forefront of those pushing humanity in the right direction. We have seen that we can surpass tragedy, and it incites the cooperation of an entire globe. We have witnessed the worldwide support networks created by healthcare workers, scientists, and people just like you and me. 

Where do we fit in all this? Unity Move is trying to do our part to remind everyone that this is only the beginning. We must not only work together when we need it most, but after the fact, and every day following. Unity is our full-time job, and we want to use our voice to spread these messages as everyone is thinking about what the new year will bring. 

We leave 2020 with this reminder: when we have unity and togetherness, we will always have a better tomorrow.