Discover Yourself With Unity Move

Discover Yourself with Unity Move

What do you stand for?

We at Unity Move have curated a special quiz just for you! Discover which pillar of Unity Move is most important to you: unity, diversity, harmony, or individuality. Answer the questions to unearth in what way you are supporting the message of Unity Move.

Question 1: Which of the following best describes your vision of a perfect world?

A: A world in which everybody is working together towards the greater good. 

B: A world in which all different backgrounds and characteristics are celebrated.

C: A world in which we only know the distant memory of war and disagreements and live in peace.

D: A world in which everyone carries a strong sense of self and brings it to all things they do. 

Question 2: You’re stranded on an island with a group of strangers. How do you go about choosing the leader?

A: We all vote on a leader by majority rules to make sure whoever we choose is representative of what we all want as a group.

B: We switch out leaders every two weeks, this way allowing different voices to be heard and different people to take charge. 

C: We must vote unanimously for a leader. If the vote is not perfectly unanimous, and we do not all agree, we can hear cases for each person and try voting again.

D: There is no leader. Everyone in the group is looking out for themselves. 

Question 3: Which of the four elements do you identify with the most?

A: Earth

B: Fire

C: Water

D: Air

Question 4: How would your friends describe you?

A: The glue of the group

B: An intersection of many moving parts

C: A peacemaker and mediator

D: Independent

Question 5: Which decorative themes do you resonate with the most?

A: Classic

B: A little bit of everything mixed together

C: Light, pastel colors

D: Minimalism

If mostly A’s: UNITY, you are a member of a team above all, a person for the people, and someone who works alongside others to achieve goals that reflect what everybody wants.

If mostly B’s: DIVERSITY, you consider everybody’s differences to be the most important thing about them and thrive in scenarios where you are surrounded by people that are nothing like you.

If mostly C’s: HARMONY, you value peace and fluency in actions. Feeling in stride with your community and that you are a valuable member of it is most meaningful to you.

If mostly D’s: INDIVIDUALITY, you know that the most important thing everybody has is their sense of self, so it is important to you to motivate others to reach a great self-image and to have one for yourself, too. 

A mix of everything: You just cannot choose! There is no one thing you resonate with more than another, just like us. That’s why we created Unity Move and our symbol to show the importance of all these different factors working together.