National Roof Over Your Head Day with Unity Move

We All Have Something to be Grateful For

As human beings, we have certain undeniable needs: food, water, and shelter. Today, December 3, 2020, we celebrate what we are grateful for, starting with the roof over our own heads. This is a moment to reflect on the things we said we were thankful for on Thanksgiving and to turn those statements into actions. At Unity Move, we are grateful for diversity, individuality, and as well as togetherness. Our motifs are carried through every inch of our company. On this day, we want to share our global image, created by Robert D. Micera to help further promote these ideals.

Our metaphorical symbol portrays something other than ourselves. This symbol is about selflessness and coming together of individuals into a community. Our unique experiences work in conjunction with the goals we aim for as a society to make things happen. These are the events that bring us together the most. We must cherish every moment afforded for us to reflect on ourselves, the past, and what we are most thankful for. We will not waste a single moment anymore.

We are excited to announce that our new website is going live on this beautiful day,! With this platform, we will use our voice as a small business to promote everyone’s voice. We carry our positive message in the very foundation of this company, and it is part of our ultimate goal to turn this from a small collective to a meaningful movement.