All rights are Human Rights

Human Rights Day

All People Are People Worth Saving

If there is anything Unity Move believes in, it is that all rights are human rights. Our symbol is one of harmony, one of togetherness, and one of building towards a brighter future. Here at Unity Move, we are familiar with tragedy and what it has the capabilities to bring forth. 

Robert D. Micera created a positive metaphorical image to describe the uniting of all people during and after crisis. His story begins after 9/11 as he watched people come together for the greater good of our country. He was inspired by the way that even when things seem to shatter all around us, the mosaic that remains is still beautiful. 

Today, on Human Rights Day, as we reflect on the past year, we can see a lot of unification. The tragedy of COVID-19 and its continued fallout has forced communities to work as one rather than ostracize one another. In these times where it is the little things that matter most, take the message of this small business and run with it, run with the knowledge that there is a collective occurring that will one day be bigger than all of us. The collective striving towards diversity, acceptance, and individuality. This symbol is our modern-day peace sign, our Hail Mary to the belief that all people are people worth saving.

In these trying times, we are here to advocate for hope, peace, and positivity.

A special, most grateful thank you to those that are on the front lines of the movement towards greatness, we see you, we hear you, and we appreciate you.

At Unity Move, we want to shed light and represent the charities and organizations that mean the most to us on this Human Rights Day. If you have anything to donate, even your time, it will make the utmost difference in a world that needs you right now.